Please pray that my family gets away from a church in NC. The pastors teaches false doctrine including “Jesus Only” and against the trinity. It appears he force/scare people into speaking tongues and twists the bible for his benefit. It appears he does not allow anyone to be a part of any decisions including finances, hiring, building, etc and does not provide financial statements. He stated he decided in September, 2022 to send an additional 220.00 a month to a mission but did not include the church. He told the church about this offering on Jan 26 (5 months after he decided to do this). He preaches about what the congregation should do and not do like women can only wear ¾ sleeves, no makeup, no pants, and wear only long hair. Men must have short hair and be cleaned shaven. No one should listen to secular music, watch television, or have worldly things – however his family can wear the expensive clothing, have worldly things, and go do worldly things. He is building “his congregation” by encouraging young adults to get married and start “building the kingdom”. He appears to be a male chauvinist and women are for having sex, babies, tending to the children, and cooking. He has preached to have your marriage annulled if you haven’t had sex in a month. He called women who contact him and don’t include his wife jezebels even if it is church related. He preaches that they will build a school and campground to “shelter” from the outside world. He says he has met with people from Michigan about building this in NC. It appears none of the members met with these people about building either (only the pastor). Recently a visiting pastor preached to the congregation about selling their things and giving it to the church. Now the pastor is telling the congregation that some of them will be able to write checks to the church for 3,000. The pastor appears to want to isolates people from their family and friends by having “things at the church for them”. I’m very concerned this is a cult like Jim Jones or Waco, TX. Most of the members look like they are very poor or homeless and they do without but the pastor lives in a very nice home with nice furnishings and nice cars.
Last week the associate pastor peached about bathing the pastor in prayer for his “cardinal sin” instead of gossiping, so prayer is changing things, opening eyes, convicting and uncovering things that are wrong. Last night the pastor preached on controlling the tv. He said he doesn’t have one but wasn’t going to tell you not to have one, so he is changing…. Please pray God shows the pastor the truth and that my family gets away from this denomination and church alive. Pray we can speak in love and truth and that they see the truth.